ESPORTS+CARS dominate final Forza championship of 2016

LONDON, UK (Tuesday, December 13, 2016): In it’s inaugural year of existence eSPORTS+CARS signed off with a domination of the Forza Championship season 2.

With coverage live streamed on gaming social media platforms Twitch and Microsoft’s Beam, the broadcast hosted from Los Angeles showed how quickly eSPORTS+CARS have established itself as the team to beat on console based racing games.

Despite strong competition driven by the lure of more than $40,000 in prize money for the gamers, eSPORTS+CARS took the top four spots in the three-race grand final.

Using Audi Sport products and presented by Michelin, the competition was dominated by Frenchman Aurélien [Laige] Mallet who followed up his victory in the first season earlier in the year (sponsored by Ford Performance) with another impressively consistent and controlled performance.

The #VirtualRaceTeam also locked out all the steps of the podium for all three races, with impressive performances from Taylor [Lightning] Stomski (USA), David [Daveyskills] Kelly (GBR), and Matthew [Zermatt] Kennedy (GBR).

Team founder Darren Cox was understandably happy with the result.

“To launch the team from scratch and become the dominant force in console racing eSports is a testament to the drivers we have attracted and the excellent work of our full time Team Manager AJ Smith and support of our founding partners Greaves Motorsport and Lets Race,” Cox said.

“With ‘real sports’ increasingly investing in eSports I am happy we launched the team to show the opportunity that exists for online racing. Being a competitive guy I am still hurting that none of our drivers managed to qualify for the Formula E $1Million challenge – but we will focus on PC based competitions more next year and try to take on the dominant guys from Team Redline during 2017.”

Team Manager AJ Smith was pleased to sign of 2017 with a strong result


“The drivers shrugged off any labels of ‘favourites’ after their success in season one and stepped up their level of preparation for season two. This result is a testament to the effort they continue put in,” Smith said.

“I would also like to take this opportunity to thank our graphic designer Alex [ABGRAPHICS] Banks for the amazing liveries he has created for us this year. I am sure we will see much more of his work in the worlds of eSports and Motorsport in 2017.”

With online racing still on the periphery, eSPORTS+CARS and it’s sister company IDEAS+CARS are pushing to promote the growing sector and featured in two pieces recently on and

However motorsport has a long way to go in terms of investment and coverage to match football as this New York Times article shows.