The ESPORTS+CARS Virtual Race Team is a first step in professionalising motorsport in the virtual world.

We want to use the team to shine a light on the huge opportunity that is virtual motorsport and we will do it by mirroring the approach of the best teams and brands in the real motorsport world.

We want to have the very best virtual drivers from around the globe, playing together across every platform, in every type of motor racing game; attending esports events, working and competing as a team, engaging with fans as a team.

Why? Because I see it as a very exciting first step in bringing new fans to the grandstands – whether they be at esports events or Silverstone on a wet and windy Sunday.

Darren Cox

The founding father of the hugely successful GT Academy “gamer to racer” programme Darren Cox launched the first professional virtual race team in motorsport, ‘ESPORTS+CARS’ in Spring 2016.

On track success has come quickly and our drivers have shown their quality and potential, particularly on Forza Motorsport where our drivers have established themselves as the dominant force. The team became the second most successful esports racing team of all time with 18 months and the most successful in 2016, its debut year.

Following this initial success the team has significantly expanded its roster both in terms of drivers and the games we compete in. Including establishing a significant presence in Formula 1.